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Slovak Disability Council – Members (

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Slovak Marfan Association

Slovak Association of the Deaf

Association of organizations of Hearing Impaired in Slovak Republic

Aliance of organizations of disabled people in Slovakia

League against rheumatism in Slovakia

Muscular dystrophy organization in The Slovak republic

Open the doors, open your hearts

The Slovak association of patients and patient\’s organizations of mental health

  • Premeny – Slovenská asociácia pacientov a pacientskych organizácií pre duševné zdravie

Slovak hemophilia society

Slovakian MS Society

Slovak union of physically disabled people

Slovak union of diseabled people

Society of psoriatics and atopics – Slovak Republic

Slovak blind and partially sighted union

The association for help to people with mental handicap in the SR

Unite for diabetes

The union of the disabled by civilization diseases

Slovak association of the visually impaired youth

Association of parents and friends of deaf-blind children